As Fedele's Ristorante Italiano welcomes in the year 2022 we thought it might be nice to do so with a new website.
So that's exactly what we did.
A completely new design, a completely new way of presenting our information to you and a completely customised site designed just for us.

We can now display our meals in a dynamic way which shows you the dietary requirements for each dish individually, as well as wine options, specials and more....

We have also added a photo gallery that you as our valued diner can add to, and of course our new news section which you are reading right now.

We would like to welcome our new web development partner in Hansen Road Design Studios, and are so happy to have them on board.
They have designed, created and coded a wonderful website that we think you will absolutely love as much as we do.

As we do our changeover we understand there may be one or two errors you may find along the weay and we welcome you to send us your findings on info@fedeles.com.au.

Once again welcome to our brand new Website for Fedele's Ristorante Italiano.

This application is best viewed on larger screens or desktop computers.  Tablets & Mobile devices may not have all functionality 
All bookings made are based on current government restrictions and regulations.
All bookings are made on a first come and first serve basis and are only finalised upon confirmation from Fedele's Ristorante Italiano.