Fedeles Blog

Fedeles Blog, read what Karl Huismann and Jacqui Graham, owners of Fedele’s Ristorante Italiano have documented about their quest to buy and run a restaurant.

Documenting the experience is a way for Karl & Jacqui to share their journey with other potential restauranteurs.  There is a big gap between perceived reality and actual reality and giving potential restaurant owners the opportunity to learn from their journey is their goal.

Additionally,  Karl & Jacqui have set a goal to run a paperless restaurant,  meaning that minimal paper is used and stored during the operations of the restaurant.  The Blog will be used to document their journey and hopefully assist others with the same or similar quest to achieve great things.  The Fedeles Blog commenced in September 2013 and will be an ongoing initiative.

Karl and Jacqui believe that transparency is the key to success,  being open and honest about the result of decision making,  aids in business improvement.   Every new business owner will make good decisions and not so good decisions.   This is ok so long as they learn from the not so good decisions and make something good of them.  Karl and Jacqui will make an effort to ensure both good and not so good decisions are documented within the blog.

If you have any questions in regards to the Fedeles Blog,  please contact Karl & Jacqui via the contact us page.